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Tonight Aquians will host a tri meet against West Salem and Onalaska. Originally this event was supposed to be wrestled at West Salem Bangor, but it has been moved to Onalaska Luther. Unfortunately WIwrestle will no longer be streaming the dual meet.

Onalaska Luther will first take on West Salem Bangor and then Aquinas. Then in the final dual of the night, starting at roughly 7:15 Aquinas and West Salem Bangor will square things off.

Onalaska Luther is a team that is still growing. Last year in their dual meet they had a lot of forfeits, but their guys still put their foot on the line and competed. Like others, they are a co-op team. Right now it’s numbers, they just need to continue to grow their team and by the looks of things that is exactly what they are doing. The team was 2-1 in dual meets last week.

The featured matchup for tonight will be between Aquinas and West Salem Bangor. This year West Salem has moved up this year from D2 to D1. So this will be a classic D3 vs D1 dual. Tonight there will be a lot of high level talent competing as there are 10 state ranked wrestlers in this dual meet. Aquinas is headed by 3 big dawgs all currently ranked #1 in the state.

The favorite tonight will be the home team Aquinas, but things could change if they do not come ready to wrestle. I’m sure coach Brewer of West Salem Bangor and Coach Stanek of Aquians will have their guys juiced up and ready to roll.

As many ranked wrestlers as they are competing tonight, it looks like we will only see one head to head matchup. At 170 #11 Cody Peterson will take on #1 Calvin Hargrove. That means we will see the top level talent of D3 take on the depth of D1. My co host Jacob Rashcka should have his eyes all over this one..

On paper it looks like Aquinas has a little bit of a murders row as every wrestler from 145-195 are all ranked. The path to victory for West Salem Bangor will be to break this row up. They need to take a couple of those matches away from Aquinas to win the dual and I do think it’s possible.

Either way this should be a very exciting dual tonight, no matter which way it swings! So keep your eyes on this one and the D1 vs D3 showdown!

Here is my guess for tonight’s starting lineups.

Onalaska Luther

106: Charles Burrows

113: FF

120: FF

126: FF

132: Carter Beeler

138: Max Todd

145: Parker Brooks

152: Bryce Buchanan

160: Jackson Hughes

170: Elijah Hughes

182: Aiden Sytsma

195: FF

220: Samuel Schams



106:  Roger Flege

113: Jake Fitzpatrick

120: David Ortmeier

126: Jack Branson

132: Marcus Klar

138: Waylon Hargrove

145: Trevor Paulson

152: Zach Malin

160: Robert ‘Tate’ Flege

170: Calvin Hargrove

182: David Malin

195: Tyson Martin

220: Brady Lehnerr


West Salem Bangor

106: Teghan Moore

113: Landon Buehler

120: Brayden Glasspoole

126: Mason Chambers

132: Brett Plomedahl

138: Caden Anderson

145: Isaac Schniepp-Duffy

152: Max Schleppenbach

160:Trevor Arentz

170: Cody Peterson

182: Andy Johnson

195: Miles Olson

220: Cameron Sidie

HWT: Marty Roesler